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MoneyPass already has over 16,000 ATMs coast to coast - and the network continues to grow. Each and every MoneyPass ATM is surcharge free, so you won't have to worry about paying a fee to access your money. For more information on MoneyPass, including the MoneyPass locations nearest you, visit

ATM Information


During Business Hours call
763-689-2500 or 763-689-2501
Hotcard Afterhours: 800-264-5578
International Hotcard: 701-461-0621
Card Activation VRU and PIN Change: 800-448-8268

Contact Cambridge State Bank as soon as possible to order a new card.  If your lost/stolen card was being used to make recurring payments remember to notify them with your new card information once you receive your replacement card. 

How can I search for an ATM?

Click here to be directed to MoneyPass web page to search for Surcharge Free ATMs.

What is a surcharge fee?

An ATM surcharge fee is imposed by the owner of an ATM for cash withdrawals by foreign cardholders and assists with ATM costs.

How can I avoid an ATM surcharge fee?

Your card will remain surcharge free on your transactions performed at Cambridge State Bank's MoneyPass machines or any MoneyPass ATM.

You will always be told in advance by a screen message if there is a surcharge at the ATM, and you can stop the transaction if you do not wish to pay the fee.

Tips for Keeping Fees Low at ATMs

Use Cambridge State Bank's drive-up ATMs or any MoneyPass ATMs.

Make larger withdrawals at ATMs to minimize your number of potential ATM fees.

Contact the Bank for a list of surcharge free ATM locations or search for Surcharge Free ATMs. Click here to be directed to MoneyPass web page to search for Surcharge Free ATMs.

If you have a Visa® CheckCard, use it for purchases at grocery stores, gas stations or at any of 22 million worldwide VISA® debit merchants, rather than paying with cash.

What is a transaction fee?

A transaction fee reimburses the card issuer related to customer transactions most often performed at "non-network ATMs".

Cambridge State Bank will assess a transaction fee for each withdrawal, transfer or deposit done at any ATM that is NOT a “MoneyPass” brand. Please note there are over 16,000 MoneyPass ATMs coast-to-coast that will remain free of our transaction fee and of course that includes our two drive-up ATMs.  Your use of “non-network ATMs” (for example, TCF Express Teller, Wells Fargo or any other ATM brand) would incur a transaction fee. 

The transaction fee is not displayed to you at the ATM. The transaction fee is an internal charge that will be present on your bank statement.

See fee schedule for applicable charge.

What are the advantages of having a Visa® CheckCard?

You are able to "write a check" without carrying a checkbook.

You can use it as a cash card at an ATM.
Eliminates the hassle of showing multiple forms of identification when writing checks.
You can use it anywhere you travel; you don't have to worry about writing a check out-of-state or out-of-the-country.

How does the Visa® CheckCard work?

At an ATM, the Visa® CheckCard works just like the ATM card. When using the Visa® CheckCard to purchase products and services, the merchant looks for the VISA® Debit logo and processes the transaction in a similar way that a credit card transaction is processed. However, the difference is that the dollar amount of the purchase is deducted from your checking account.

How do I record Visa® CheckCard transactions? You will receive a receipt from either the ATM or the merchant. You should record the amount in your checkbook register and retain the receipt. Your monthly checking statement will describe the ATM or merchant location, VISA clearing date, and amount in detail.
How long will it take a merchant purchase to be debited from my account when using a Visa® CheckCard? Two to five days. Normal posting of a merchant purchase will occur similar to the amount of time a check takes to post to a checking account.
What happens if I return something purchased with a Visa® CheckCard? The merchant will process a credit, which will generally post to your checking account within the same period of time it took the original transaction to post.
How is the merchant purchase transaction authorized? The merchant will follow the same authorization procedures as for credit card authorizations. VISA® will route the transaction request to MoneyPass for authorization and MoneyPass will send a message back through VISA® telling the merchant to complete or terminate the transaction. Authorization is normally completed within seconds.

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