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REMINDER Cambridge State Bank will never email you requesting passwords or other personal information.
We've enhanced online banking security! Because of online threats and identity theft we've taken further measures to protect the privacy and security of customer information.

Technical Terms
Phishing is an act of sending fraudulent ('spoofed') emails, appearing to be from a trusted source, that once you click on the link within the email you are directed to a fraudulent website. The site is designed to fool you recipients into divulging personal financial data  such as name, social security numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers (including the three-digit CSV number) and passwords. The information collected is then used to steal your personal information. 

Pharming is a twist of Phishing. Pharming attempts fool online users through a virus that alters the behavior of internet browsers, thus redirecting users to a fictitious site when they attempt to log on to a website.  This can be done by changing - or "poisioning" some of the address information that internet service providers (ISPs) store to increase the speed of web browsing. Some ISPs and companies have a software bug on their computer servers that permits fraudsters to hack in and change those addresses.  One way consumers can protect themselves is to make sure they land on special secure web pages that use encryption to protect data transfer, a standard practice for any financial website. 

How can I protect myself from Phishing and Pharming?  The answer is Premier Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

What is Premier MFA? Premier MFA is an additional security feature that helps to protect you while you access your account information online. 

Premier MFA is a combination of an image, a phrase, and three confidential challenge questions.  All three in whole protect you, whether you are signing in to online banking at home or somewhere else.

Authentication methods involve these basic factors:

Something the user knows (your User Id and Password)
Something the user has (Computer) The system checks the machine forensics such as security cookies and flash objects. If the computer is not recognized, the user will be asked challenge questions to assure the user's identity.

Why do I need enhanced login authentication? To help prevent fraud and identity theft the bank has implemented an additional layer of security.
How does Premier MFA work? Premier MFA authentication uses a picture, phrase and three challenge questions. When you login each time we will show your image and pass phrase. This verifies that you are on Cambridge State Bank's website.
Do I need to change my password? No. The Premier MFA image, phrase and challenge questions are entirely separate from your current UserID and password.
Can I access Online Banking from any computer? Yes. You can access your account from any computer. When you sign in from a computer that you have not used since you enrolled, you will be asked one of your chosen challenge questions to verify your identity.  At that time, you will select whether you want Premier MFA to register that computer.
I've registered my computer. Why am i asked a challenge question when I log in? It is possible that you deleted a stored cookie that was placed on your computer.  That can happen during updates for other computer software programs or when anti-spyware software is used to remove potentially risky items from your computer.
If I share my computer with someone else who also uses Cambridge State Bank Online Banking, can we both still log in? Yes. There is no limit to how many people can sign in to Online Banking from the same computer.
Can I change my pass phrase image? Yes. After signing in, you may select Options, Change Security Data, select Image from the library, enter a new Phrase for the Image and click Submit.
Will my image, pass phrase or challenge questions expire? No. Your online banking password will not expire; however, we do encourage you to change your password every 45 days.  To change your password, login to your account and select 'User Options' and 'Change Password'.

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