Bill Pay Getting Started

Getting Started with Bill Pay

You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can add the information we use to make the payments.

Starting to Use Bill Pay

To start using Bill Pay log in to your Cambridge State Bank online banking account. Click on your checking account number then click the 'Bill Payment' button.

  • Add a bill. Tell us who you want to pay by going to the add a Company or Person to Pay page and add the information we will use to make your payments. You can also add an electronic bill from biller's that can send them.
  • Pay a bill. Pay the bill you added by going to the Payment Center. You can also use the Payment Center to view your pending and recent payments.

 Using Bill Pay Features

You can also use Bill Pay to:

  • Pay several bills at once or make one-time payments from the Payment Center. You can also view a summary of the bills you paid in the past 45 days.
  • Receive some of your bills online through Bill Pay. We can receive electronic bills from hundreds of billers nationwide.
  • Set up automatic payments to pay your electronic bills or to automatically schedule payments of a set amount at regular intervals.
  • Review your bills and payments for the past six months.
  • Export your payment information to Quicken®.

If you have more questions about how Bill Pay works, read through our list of frequently asked payment questions.