Mortgage Products

Whether you are looking for a conventional, adjustable, 2nd mortgage, jumbo, or a construction loan we can help make your dreams come true.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Adjustable rate loan with an interest cap
Bare Land Loan
  • Mortgage for landowners
Construction Mortgage
  • For construction of new homes.
  • 6 month or 12 month terms
  • We welcome self-built homes; qualifications will be required.
Conventional/Fixed Rate Mortgage
  • For people planning on living in their home for a long period and looking for stable payments .
Secondary market
  • 15 and 30 year fixed rates
In House Products
  • 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Fixed for 5 years adjusts annually thereafter
First Mortgage Refinance
  • You can consolidate your debts and lower your monthly payments.
Home Equity Line of Credit
  • Take advantage of the equity built up in your home with this simple line of credit
Home Equity Loan
  • Take advantage of the equity built up in your home
Home Improvement Loan
  • Home Improvement loans can be used to fix up your home
First Time Homebuyers
  • Approved class is required.
Rural Housing Guaranteed Loans
  • Moderate income families in rural Minnesota now have the opportunity to afford the home of their dreams.
  • Up to 102% of purchase price with a 30 year fixed rate.